my name is Anita


And nothing gets me going like smarts.

…and it was a cold night in Chicago [go figure…] when I was venting to my friends about how hard it was to meet guys that I really liked.  I’m not into the bar scene and I can’t handle clubs where guys have more experience with waxing than I do.  My tirade went along these lines,

“Where are all the smart, sexy guys?  Where are they hiding?  I don’t see them anywhere!  They’re not out there, just waiting to be run into at the grocery store. They are all hiding indoors, inventing things!  How am I supposed to meet these indoor boys?  Where do you find them?!”

And Indoor Boys was born.

It’s my mission to bring these Indoor Boys out of hiding so that the world may learn about and love their disparate passions and pastimes as I do.  If you think you know someone who fits the bill, please, do a girl a favor and send them my way.

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