A Love Poem to Your Brain

by Nina Schuyler

I love the deeply layered glial cells lacing together your frontal cortex,
your finely honed axons, dendrites and synapses so you can speak and hear.
The way your amygdala responds so quickly to external stimuli so you, too,
can emote and empathize with your fellow man.
The links between your hypothalamus and somatosensory cortex are so thick,
so numerous, the messages sent so clear.

I could kiss the amount of testosterone flowing through your blood stream,
the estrogen, the progesterone, so you can think like a woman
and hold me like a man.

The lovely rivers of your mind, the dopamine, serotonin and
nonadrenaline, just the right amount for anyone,
I could kiss, kiss them all, all three.

If I made an incision through the hard bone of your skull,
I’m certain I would find a larger than normal inferior parietal lobe
right above the level of your ear,
just like Albert Einstein’s or Galileo’s.

Your brain, your neurotransmitters, your hormonal excretes,
My love, I could not have found a more perfect trio for me.

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