FORM Marries Function

[and lives happily ever after]

by Sotto Voce

Be Still My Heart
Jimmyjane is what I’ve been waiting for. Their mission says it all,

“Jimmyjane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. We design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create provocative possibility.”

And let’s be clear, they are the Apple of provocative possibility. Today on Indoor Boys we discuss their FORM 3 product, one of 3 vibrators in their beautifully engineered FORM line.

First Impressions
Since getting off is so very cerebral, I have to acknowledge that I get excited about good packaging, and the FORM 3 comes in an – ahem – nice package. It’s clearly been designed to mimic the “I got my new [iPod/iPhone/Awesome New Toy]!” experience, which totally works for me, and is amplified by the possibility of taking it in the shower where my other technology cannot follow, thus adding to my excitement and anticipation. I love my devices.

Yay silicone! I immediately like it, because it looks friendly. Unassuming, not intimidating, soft and sleekly curved. Love the simple, elegant design, but is it too simple? I’ve always had a penchant for texture and whirling things and bas relief and swinging pendulums on my vibrators. So I was a bit wary, but it has a nice heft to it, which counts for something. Modern, but not over-the-top. I love the shape and weight and not just for aesthetic reasons; it’s actually quite brilliant. I can use its weight and edges to enhance and direct sensation though changes in angle and pressure, using the natural movements of my hands. As someone who has been around the vibrator block, I can tell you a deft and agile piece of equipment is not to be taken for granted. I’ve had many nearly-broken-wrist experiences of self-pleasure, so this is a breath of fresh, ergonomic air. I am looking forward to in-the-shower vibe time, but I have to wonder if it will end up like other sex + water scenarios? Sounds good in theory and on paper, but really is just a recipe for a concussion. [And let’s not lie, if you’re looking for a good time in the shower, it’s difficult to top the bathtub faucet. But I digress.]

I want to try it ASAP! I read the manual to figure out how to turn it on, and see that it’s got a rechargeable lithium ion battery and – oh hell! Charge for 8 hours for maximized battery life? I am on the verge of a Veruca Salt moment: how can I wait 8 hours? It’s already 10 pm! What if I don’t have time before work? Do I take it to work? There is a “safe travel” mode… I WANNA PLAY WITH MY NEW TOY!

As it turns out, I make time in the morning. 4 vibe settings, 2 good, solid ones. The second, which is a whirring pulse, sounds like a tiny horde of electronic vibrator-people engaged in some sort of chanting ritual to bring pleasure to you, their Gulliver-sized master. That isn’t going to make any sense until you hear the sound. But then it will totally make sense.

Now, let’s speak practically about my new toy…

Design Factors
As I say, you can change intensity of vibration and the rhythmic pattern. Two axes of change mean more ways to modify it to your liking. This is good for vibrator newbies because you have more ways to explore what works for your body, and good for vibe veterans who like playing around and may be more tuned-in to subtle shifts in sensation. Note – depending on the state of your parts, you may notice the subtlety in the changes between vibe settings, but if you’ve been hitting it hard with the Magic Wand lately, you may not be able to appreciate the delicacy of this instrument.

Hands-On Experience
You have to feel your way across this vibe – the buttons are the same color and material, identified only by the slight change in texture on the small buttons imprinted with a recessed + and – . This is fine, because the silicone is very grip-able, and the vibe fits nicely in my hand. The stretchable, thin bit of silicone supposed to direct single-finger pressure is perhaps a bit too subtle for me; I don’t get a lot out of this feature. I hesitate to speak to the degree to which it knocked my socks off because this kind of pleasure is so subjective.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how partner-friendly this vibe is – the flat shape and range of edges comes in especially handy here. It slides neatly into those hot, slippery between-the-two[?]-of-us spaces, and the weight and texture make it possible to actually maintain your grip. And because the vibration is distributed around the flat edges and within the bulb, you and your partner don’t have to lose your rhythm rooting around, or worse – competing – for that sweet spot.

Now I must tell you, my favorite thing about the FORM 3 [besides holding it against my body] is the introductory video on You simply must watch it – if sexual enjoyment weren’t so shrouded in shame and embarrassment, we could’ve had videos like this back when I first started buying vibrators in my undergraduate years. No silly euphemisms. No coy tone or “It’s a personal massager. Wink, wink.” Just the facts, ma’am, “Hello. This is a vibrator. This is how it works and this is where it goes. Enjoy!”

[And this video is just too amazing to ignore…]

Final Thoughts
I anticipate this will become a go-to item in my collection. A sleek and sexy standard. I’m not sure if Jimmyjane’s other FORM products will make it, if only because the price tag matches the concept: lofty. But know this, if you can scrounge up the $145, you’re paying for quality. I was pleasantly surprised with the intelligence of the design and marketing strategy. Gone are the days of, “Insert rod A into slot B; commence vibration; get off.” And I couldn’t be more pleased. I remember when I was first introduced to dual-action vibrators. It was like pulling Excalibur from the stone! And that was ten years ago. FORM 3 tells me we’ve come a long way to a new standard that respects the users of the product enough to make a good product, and sell it on its merits. [I give a lot of credit to great places like Chicago’s Early to Bed for this. One of my favorite things about E2B is they take products out of the sleazy, silly sex-bunny packaging, put them on the shelves and talk about what they actually do and how they work.] This is what we expect of our phones and other devices. Why shouldn’t we expect it from these objects of intimate pleasure as well?

Ultimately you may have to ask yourself the same kind of question you do when considering an Apple product. It’s pricey, sure, but can anything else even come close?

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